In 2020, we helped 1,340 people across NB with mental health, creativity and confidence. Donate on Giving Tuesday to help us continue to make an impact. For each $50 donation, your name will go in a draw to win a painting by our Founder Jennifer Krueger, valued at $3,500.

The Estey Art Initiative is a world class art organization and registered charity based in beautiful New Brunswick, Canada. We engage and empower through art. We offer creative opportunities for students  and unique initiatives for the community to get involved.

Register your child today for our Saturday art program. For over a decade, Estey Art Initiative has implemented art programs during the school year. Students learn how to draw, paint and craft a variety of subjects including people, animals, vehicles, buildings, landscapes and much more! Your child will also learn various techniques such as perspective, character building, creating movement and other exciting tips.


We need you. Together, we will improve lives through art. The goal of our program is to be the best part of a child’s day. Despite our low registration fee,  it costs $325 for one child to attend our after school program. Please give what you can so that we may continue supporting children who need art in their lives.